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Congregational Care Tribe

Designed to support congregational needs and focus on member care, contact & retention.

Tribe Leader: Dea. Agie Green - [email protected] | Dea. Sheldon Herd - [email protected]

  • Bereavement (Repast)
    Provide a meal to VB members during time of bereavement and during time of sickness
  • Celebration
    The mission of the Celebration Ministry is to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries and the accomplishments of our members on a monthly basis.
  • Deacons (Flocks, Visitations)
    The mission of the Deacon Ministry is to assist the Pas-tor in ministering to the temporal and spiritual needs of each individual member and each family. Support the church in visitation of our sick and shut-in members, as well as the bereaved members. Additionally, they ad-minister church ordinances of the baptism and the Lord's Supper, as well as advice and support the Church Executive Council.
      • BYMIP (Becoming Young Men of Integrity & Purpose - Ages 13-17)-To provide spiritual development and minis-try involvement.
      • Deacons in Training
      • Mentors
      • Teachers
  • Grief Support
    Providing counsel and pastoral support during time of loss.
  • New Members
    To welcome and assimilate new members into Valley Brook, providing helpful information, helping them feel at home and building relationships with them as they assimilate into ministries of the church.   • Database Coordinator
      • Member Assimilator
      • New Member Baptism Coordinator
      • Teacher Coordinator

Family Tribe

Designed to holistically minister to the various family demographics that make up the church family.

Tribe Leader: Sis. Tanya Donald - [email protected] | Sis. Lovette Sims - [email protected]

  • Golden Group
    To engage our mature members through socializing and to foster relation-ships through spiritual activities
  • Health & Wellness
    To IMPACT family lifestyles through education, healthy living opportuni-ties and a variety of experiences that promote wholeness for the spirit, mind and body
  • Married Couples
    Encourages married couples to fully embrace God making him the center-piece of the marriage. Focus is to have a marriage God's way; offers pre-marital counseling.
  • Real Men
    Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the direction of the Word of God, we will strive to become and to reproduce true, uncompromising men of God.
  • Single Parents
    Provide support, encouragement and empowerment to the single parents and their families
  • Women of Virtue
    The purpose of the Women of Virtue is to offer fellowship, assistance and teaching that will help to build women spiritually, mentally and physically. Through the women's Godly example, they will instill guidance that will help other women and young girls become the virtuous women God has intended them to be.
  • Young Adults
    Cultivating environment where young adults grows individually and holisti-cally.

Leadership Tribe

Designed to Disciple, Develop & Deploy Leaders thought the church and into the community.

Tribe Leader: Elder Felicia Speed - [email protected] | Sis. Ava Smith - [email protected]

  • Leadership Development (Various levels of leadership)
  • Ministers in Development The associate Ministers and Ministers In Training (MIT) of VBOBC exist to assist the Senior Pastor through serving in church ministries, serving in flocks, committing to ministerial development and through preaching as requested.
      • Altar Team
      • Armor Bearers
      • Associate Ministers (Licensed Ministers)
      • Elders
      • MIT (Ministers in Training)

Marketplace Tribe

Designed to equip people to thrive in the marketplace and to engage in social impact.

Tribe Leader: Sis. Shirley Scott - [email protected] | Sis. Mae Black - [email protected]

  • Brook Business Group (Professional Networking)
    This group equips entrepreneurs and business owners and encourage eco-nomic support.
  • Career Planning
    To assist participate in preparing for the career they are best suited for.
  • Economic Improvement
    To equip and empower through credit restoration, will & estate preparation, retirement planning, life insurance, home ownership, financial literacy
  • Employment Services
    To provide contacts and connections that could lead to employment.
  • Social Justice (Voter Registration)
    To equip and empower the community with social, political and biblical knowledge that will provoke and demand change; therefore, transforming socioeconomic statuses, families, and communities

Missions Tribe

Designed to serve the needs of the community through evangelistic or outreach ministries.

Tribe Leader: Sis. Cynthia Richardson - [email protected] | Bro. Karl Wallace - [email protected]

  • Community Service
    To serve as a contact for identified communities while ministering the gospel through block parties, holiday and other opportunities.
  • Evangelistic Outreach
    To preach, teach and impact lives through the Good News of the Kingdom of God. We also partner with other ministries, participate in community events as well as provide workshop training, mentoring and discipleship. We equip and empower the community with social, political and biblical knowledge that will provoke and de-mand change.
  • Foreign Mission
    To influence international communities through spiritual, relational and economic development.
  • Prison Ministry Services
    To encourage men/women in prison to bring community to those in prison while discipling and serving the needs.
  • Samaritan's Purse
    To offer hope to those who have been devastated by a variety of disas-ters including tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and floods, across more than half of the state. We work with other churches to share the love of Jesus Christ with people facing natural disasters.
  • South Greenville Backpack Program
    Provides food for youth who live below the poverty level on the week-ends, when they would normally not have school breakfast or lunch to sustain them.
  • Woodmont United Care Food Bank
    Woodmont United Care is a 501-c-3 organization whose mission is to provide emergency assistance in the form of food, supplies, and prescription drug cards to persons in need in the Greenville County Communi-ty, which includes: Greenville, Piedmont, Pelzer, Honea Path & Anderson.

Worship Tribe

Designed to carry out worship services and Sunday morning ministry and this team will plan for special holiday observances and special wor-ship services.

Tribe Leader: Elder Felicia Speed (Interim) - [email protected] | Min. Leslie Wallace(Interim) - [email protected]

  • Brookstore
    To provide resources that assist in discipleship and build community in the church through relevant materials and items.
  • Hospitality
    The Hospitality Department strives to ensure that the spirit of excellence and atmosphere is set so that every-one feels important and welcome.
      • First Time Visitors
      • Greeters
      • Ushers
  • Intercessory Prayer and Altar Workers
    To maintain a solid, trained, growing intercessory prayer team that consist-ently intercedes for individuals, relationships, families, communities, state, nation, and world events. The ministry also maintains the "House of Prayer" ministry which facilitates intercessory prayer and development in vari-ous areas of life on a monthly basis. The altar workers minister to those who respond to an altar call at Valley Brook with emphasis that respond-ents be pointed to Jesus and to God's Word as the Source for supplying their needs.
  • Life Institute
    The mission of Life Institute is to build and promote healthy Christian life experiences through education and awareness of topics that affect the home, the church body and the community.
  • Music & Arts
    The music ministry strives to usher in the presence and power of God through praise and worship songs.
      • Band   • Kingdom Voices Praise Team
      • Praise Team
      • Sanctuary Choir
      • Evangelism Through the Arts ~ seeks to glori-fy God and edify people through various art forms: Dance, Drama, Poetry, Puppetry, Mime, etc.
  • Property Management
    The Property Management is responsible for the general upkeep and over-sight of the church property, supervision of the church custodians, security of property and church transportation vehicles.   • Custodians- To clean and provide a neat and orderly building and to assist the church in its many ministries.
      • Parking Lot-Attendant- The Parking Lot Attendant Ministry is set up to ensure that the entire ministry buildings and property is a safe environment while people are attending worship services at Valley Brook.
      • Security--- The purpose of the Security Ministry is to provide a safe and peaceful environment for the congregation to worship. To protect and serve the congregation of God's people in their house of worship and to maintain order in the house of God.
      • Transportation- The purpose of the transportation committee is providing transportation to and from the church. We ensure mainte-nance and upkeep of the church bus in order to ensure safe trans-portation.
  • Technical Support
    •Marketing ~ The mission of the Marketing Ministry is to ensure that God is glorified through the excellence of brand management, that the vision of Pastor Johnson is upheld & that each ministry is served through multimedia - ministry events, PPT, flyers, brochures, book-lets, posters, social media & PR through the media.
    •Media Services ~ The mission of Media Services is to provide various media and distribution support for the church, ministries and community.
      •Duplication of Audio CD's & DVD's
      •Video Camera/Photography
      •Video Editing

Youth Tribe

Designed to disciple students from preschool through college. It is our mission to create a relevant ministry for youth - an environment and at-mosphere where youth can grow mentally, physically, relationally and spiritually. To encourage, motivate, and empower children to become productive Kingdom citizens and reach his or her God given potential through life altering Word and teachings. This ministry seeks to create an environment where children feel comfortable and confident in sharing experiences and testimonies.

Tribe Leader: Dea. Gary Massey - [email protected] | Sis. Khristie Massey - [email protected]

  • Children's Church- Ages 2-12
    Our purpose is to proclaim who God is and what He's done- to the next gen-eration. "We will not hide them from their children, we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power and the wonders He has done." Ps. 78:4
  • College Ministry
    To cultivate relationships with students that are pursuing college and throughout their college career. This ministry will help find and develop scholarships for students and well and be a source of encouragement and correction while in school.
  • Girl Scouts
    This group is open to girls 6 and up. Even though most girls join a local troop or group for fun and friendship, but they also find out about building character and self-esteem and serving their communities, the core qualities of Girl Scouting. In Girl Scouts, girls find a safe place to grow and share new experiences, learn to relate to others, develop values, and contribute to society.
  • Teen Ministry
    To establish a culture of youth that are Holy, Prepared, and Empowered to "Live Your Truth" throughout creative worship, education, nurturing of the 'whole person', and providing the tools and activities needed in order for them to become everything they were created to be and walk out their God-given destinies.